Gaziantep Sweet & Pastry was established in 2000 by Zeki Atilgan. With his Turkish cultural background, coming from Gaziantep famous for its Turkish deserts and its Pistachio Nuts (Bos Fistik) which is only grown in that part of the world.   fistikbag

Zeki has created the flavours and ingredients of the sweets bringing Turkey's taste of original sweets to Austrain culture and capturing a unique and individual taste that was founded by the Ottoman Empire many centuries ago.

What started as a one man job is now a well known and established Manufacturing and Wholesale business that delivers throughout Australia and is being surved in some of the finest restaurants across our Country. 

Gaziantep sweet and Pastry is asked to provide sweets for Sydneys Fine food Festivals as we are recognised as being the best in the business for premium grade sweets and hand made pastries that we manufacture ourselves with our imported and some local fine ingredients. We have taken part in famous TV episodes such as Destination Flavour hosted by Master Chef Adam Liaw.  We have been in many newpapers press articles and always get Food Tours that come and visit us weekly.

Gaziantep Sweets & Pastry is constantly offering support and funding to local communities and schools and contributing to environmental initiatives. Each year, Our Company donates in many charity events and assists in raising funds yearly towards beneficiaries such as Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia, Australian Red Cross, Australian Elderly people and NSW Firefighters and many more.

This is our own line of production for the Kadayif Sweet.  

(shredded pastry; called "wire kadayif")

In this picture it shows the making of our kadayif, the threads are used to make pastries of various forms (tubes or nests), often with a filling of chopped nuts, or pistachio's.This dessert is made by layering a mat of kadaif pastry, a filling of chopped Walnuts or Pistachio's, then another mat of pastry. The pastries or dessert are painted with melted butter, baked until golden brown, then drenched in our sugar syrup. 

Finished product of the Kadayif can be made in roll form filled with Walnuts or flat with a bed of pistachio's,

kadayif2 Kadayif Baklava

Some of our head chef's have got 16years experiance so the quality of Gaziantep Sweet & Pastry products is ensured by combining pure quality ingredients and tradition.

auburn-food-tour-56Our hand made baklava is done by rolling of the pastry into paper thin layers-so thin that you can read a newspaper through it. This is the hardest job but often the most senior in the team is the baker as they’ve earnt their stripes by doing years of rolling.Our one slice of hand made baklava consists of approximately 28 thin layers of hand made pastry-dough.

Our Large hand made Chocolate Baklava selection that we have created is a must try;

choc single Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava Roll      choc with pistachio top

Chocolate Baklava with Pistachio's and Hazelnut

This is our own line of production and cannot be compared to anything on the market, we are the original and the best in our choclava's. We have many selections in Both Milk and White Chocolate with many different coatings including salted caramel.

We provide Large Scale of Wholesale Orders on Certain products and others are only available in individual sale from our Retail store or other companys that distribute our products across Australia.

Please Email or Call for Closest Store near you.

We provide wholesale sweets to many take aways, supermarkets and cafe resturants and can cater to your needs with many different shapes cut to your size of sale.

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We provide fresh daily made sweets per order. Thats our Guarantee !



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